Fees or Taxes, Shipping, and Returns

  • State and local jurisdictions can impose additional fees or taxes that must be paid when you pick up your firearm (for example, background-check fees or local taxes).

  • Handguns must be shipped to a Glock Center’s store located in your state of residence.

  • Long guns must be shipped to a Glock Center’s store within a state that allows them to be sold. You can only acquire long guns that you’re allowed to purchase in your state of residence.

  • When you receive the firearm at the Glock Center’s store, please inspect the firearm before accepting the transfer.

  • Once you complete the applicable government transfer process and accept firearm possession, the firearm cannot be returned to Glock Centers. Glock Center does not accept returns of any firearms.

 Glock Center is an online and retail dealer and distribution center based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We specialize in providing quality firearms and accessories to registered buyers.

As a Class 3 NFA Dealer, we aim to provide our customers with the best tools for shooting sports, hunting, or whatever your firearm needs may be. We also have a hundred-yard outdoor range, a laser engraver/custom design, and offer knife-sharpening services at an unbeatable fee of only $10 for a standard pocket knife blade!

The Glock Center store is 110,000 square feet location standing on 34 acres of land! We have over 1,000 guns on display
and over 10,000 in stock! This spacious location gives us the opportunity to offer our customers thousands of new products, training classes, chp classes, and the helpful knowledge to further their firearm experience.

How to Order

  • Browse our assortment and when you’ve found the item(s) you want, select “Order Online”.

  • Provide the zip code for your state of residency. You can only add items to your cart that you are permitted to purchase in your state of residency.

  • Choose the Glock Center’s store at which you would like to pick up your item(s).

  • Availability of pickup location depends on whether the items you order are allowed to be sold by Glock Center’s in that location or not.

  • Review and agree to our Online Firearm Ordering Agreement.

  • Complete the checkout process. Your local jurisdiction may impose an additional background-check fee or firearm tax that you will need to pay at time of pickup.

  • Firearms are typically delivered to the Glock Center’s storewith overnight delivery (3 – 5for International delivery). All other items in your order will ship to the same store as your firearm. You’ll receive an email notification when your items arrive at the location you chose.

  • California / Rhode Island / Washington, D.C. residents, please call your preferred Glock Center’s store to learn more about ordering firearms.