About Us, Glock Center was founded by William “Bill” Hyatt as a small coin store in 1959. Bill’s son Larry came on board early on and remains at the helm of Hyatt Guns to this day. Indeed, Larry’s son Mitch is carrying on this family tradition, and currently three generations are active in the business.

Our beliefs…

Glock Center is a customer-first business and we strive to offer the best level of customer service possible. This is part of every phase of our business; whether it’s assisting our customers through the process of selecting the right firearm for them, handling special orders or simply returning phone calls and emails.

Our people…

Our staff has a combined experience of more than 10 years in the firearms industry. We are friendly and we always go the extra mile to help our customers.

Why Buy from Glock Center?

Expertise – Over 10 years in business. Many big box stores run on a spiff system to move particular guns that help their bottom line. This results in you getting a gun that may or may not work with you. Our staff has the experience and the know-how to make sure you get the right gun for your needs.

Family Business – We are a third-generation family business. The owners are always on site and ready to help you and deal with any issues that might arise. You really don’t know with whom you’re dealing until you have a problem. Buy Glock 17 Series, Many of our valued customers came to Glock Center because other retailers would not help when a problem occurred. The Glock Center Family cares about you.

Easy Returns – Other gun shops, pawn shops and big box stores use gun laws to avoid the cost returns, exchanges and repairs to the guns they sell. We don’t hide behind regulations make the return and exchange process as easy as possible.

Gunsmithing and Service On Site – Why would you buy a gun at a place that doesn’t service guns? We have the largest gunsmithing and repair department in the Southeast with nine gunsmiths on staff that can handle everything from warranty repairs to full on custom guns. In addition, we offer a full line of customization services, from frame stippling and night sights to Cerakote and Duracoat.

Customer Service – Many gun shops have that “gun guy attitude” and we believe this is exactly what is wrong with the gun industry today. The old fashioned “service with a smile” is what we offer here and we go the extra mile to ensure you are a happy customer. Sometimes we make mistakes and we always own them and make sure you are taken care of.

Widest selection in the United States – Over 7,000 guns in stock at any one time. We usually have the guns that other dealers cannot get. We have the largest used inventory in the area, as well allowing you get the collector gun you’re after, as well as a value priced modern firearm. In addition, we are a member of the largest buying group in the country and relationships with every major distributor, so if we don’t have it, we can usually get it.

Payment methods – All major credit cards, cash, check and layaway available. We take every major credit card, debit, cash, checks and we offer a 90-day layaway program.

We are a gun specialty store. Unlike some of competitors, you don’t have to make your way through clothing, fishing gear and boat sales to get to the gun counter. We sell guns and gun accessories, choosing to specialize in selling what we know best!

The GLOCK 30S handgun successfully blends the powerful 45 Auto round with a short frame (SF) with reduced grip size and a smaller slide (S). Its small size and uncomplicated operation allow for smooth drawing in a 45 Auto caliber handgun that fits practically anyone’s hands.

glock-center.com is your marketplace. glock-center.com believes in responsible gun ownership. Glock for sale, Through certified firearms dealers acting as transfer agents, glock-center.com provides a safe, secure, and transparent means to buy and sell weapons online while following to tight gun ownership standards and regulations. We at glock-center.com wish you the best of success with your gun hunt!

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What is glock-center.com purpose?

Are you a gun aficionado? You’ve arrived to the correct place! You’ve arrived at the right place: glock-center.com! glock-center.com is a group of gun enthusiasts who have a common interest in weapons. Here you may buy guns online, look for weapons for sale online, read about new weaponry, and get gun-related information. Buy Glock 19 Series, Consider glock-center.com your one-stop store for everything related to weapons. In addition to weapons for sale, the glock-center.com marketplace offers hunting gear, gun parts and accessories, memorabilia, Buy Glock ,and much more. Are you searching to buy a gun online for the best price, selling a gun, or learning more about guns?

A revolver is a repeating weapon with multiple chambers and a revolving cylinder behind one barrel.

“Pepperboxes,” or early revolvers with many barrels in a single cylindrical unit that spun around a central spindle, Glock for sale, were popular. However, pistols were made with a spinning cylinder with numerous muzzle-loaded chambers aligned and discharged sequentially into a single barrel as early as the 17th century. Glock Center, The theory was not effectively used to the creation of a practical weapon until Samuel Colt patented his version in 1835–36.

A revolver (sometimes known as a six shooter or a wheel gun) is a repeating pistol with at least one barrel and many chambers (each carrying a single cartridge) that fires from a revolving cylinder. Cocking the hammer partially turns the cylinder before firing a cartridge, Glock for sale Online, indexing one of the cylinder chambers into line with the barrel and allowing the projectile to pass through the bore.

The hammer can be cocked manually (as in single-action), via internal linkage transmitting a rearward movement of the trigger (as in double-action), or both (as in double/single-action). The revolver’s sequential rotation through each chamber allowed the operator to fire numerous times before reloading the pistol, Buy Glock, unlike older single-shot firearms that required reloading after each shot.