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A revolver is a repeating weapon with multiple chambers and a revolving cylinder behind one barrel.

“Pepperboxes,” or early revolvers with many barrels in a single cylindrical unit that spun around a central spindle, Glock for sale, were popular. However, pistols were made with a spinning cylinder with numerous muzzle-loaded chambers aligned and discharged sequentially into a single barrel as early as the 17th century. Glock Center, The theory was not effectively used to the creation of a practical weapon until Samuel Colt patented his version in 1835–36.

A revolver (sometimes known as a six shooter or a wheel gun) is a repeating pistol with at least one barrel and many chambers (each carrying a single cartridge) that fires from a revolving cylinder. Cocking the hammer partially turns the cylinder before firing a cartridge, indexing one of the cylinder chambers into line with the barrel and allowing the projectile to pass through the bore.

The hammer can be cocked manually (as in single-action), via internal linkage transmitting a rearward movement of the trigger (as in double-action), or both (as in double/single-action). The revolver’s sequential rotation through each chamber allowed the operator to fire numerous times before reloading the pistol, Buy Glock, unlike older single-shot firearms that required reloading after each shot.

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